I Love Real People!

There is one main element you should use to pick your photographer: do you like their style?

My name is John, and I love photographing real people. I like when the images speak of someone waking up with their hair a bit messy. I like when people fall in love with their imperfections, because they know those are what make them unique. I like when people look at themselves knowing that perfection is bullshit.

In my photographs you will see the best version of the real you. No photoshop, no heavy retouching. It is about confidence and self love, which cannot be edited. What you see is what you get.

I can’t promise you will see the “you” you would love to see in a magazine. I promise I will show you for the beautiful, amazing person you are.

My name is John, and I want to document the extraordinary in your daily life.


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